Mobile filter power unit


The redesigned MGFA is a great success.                                   

NEW is that the power unit can be rented for single or multiple use.

Two days use are included in the rent amount of Fr. 362.- (excl. VAT). Included is also a filter element 0330-R-005BN4HC, which is property of the rent payer and can be used also in future applications.                                                    

The MGFA can be used fort he following three functions: 

  • Replenishing (filtered),
  • Emptying (filtered/ unfiltered),
  • Filtration of partial flow.

Naturally you can also purchased the MGFA for a price of Fr. 2`995.- (excl. VAT).                    
In the above prices the current cable with plug; suction and pressure hoeses are included.


Technische Daten


Pump type:   Gerotor pump
Pump flow rate:  15 - 35 l/min
Pump pressure:  max. 5 bar



Filter unit at choice:  - 3my
   - 5my
   - 10my


Other units upon inquiry:

Theoretical contamination retention capacity: e.g. for 10my, approx. 51g 


Electric motor:  0.37 - 1.1 kW