Stainless Hydraulic Cylinders

We, the GRIBI Hydraulics AG, developed on the basis of the most recent knowledge a corrosion-resisting hydraulic cylinder meeting highest requirements.  As raw materials only Cr-Ni-Mo-steels are used which have a very high resistance against crevice and pit corrosion as well as intercrystalline corrosion. This hydraulic cylinder has been designed to cover applications in the field of sewage and water treatment plants, environment technology, agriculture, offshore plants, chemical-technical industry and food processing. 

We offer this cylinder on demand. For industrial applications you can create your individual cylinder here.


Technische Daten

Max. lifting force:  30 kN
Max. operating pressure:  150 bar
Max. stroke:  2500 mm
Piston diameter:  50 mm
Piston rod diameter:  32 mm



Double acting                                                                

End position damping with fine adjustment

Cylinder bottom and cylinder head screwed with the cylinderr tube by clamping rings


Swivell head

Cylinder head fastening

Piston rod inside thread M24x2 


Mineral oils

Synthetic oils, degradable biologically


Inductive end position monitoring

Positioning system

Other cylinder sizes on demand